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Susan's Journal

A Day in the Life

7 October 1962
I decided to make "friends only" entries; if you'd like to read along, please let me know and I'll probably add you on to my friends list. I know I'm not for everybody, I chatter on about personal stuff (it is my journal, afterall) and will often cuss a lot, just so you know.

I'm just a girl in this world. Looking for answers and just looking. Trying to figure out what it is I want and what I need.

I'm a landscape gardener, self-employed. I'm a mother--I have two daughters (they're adults). I'm divorced (that happened in 2000). I wonder at times if I'll ever find myself in a meaningful, intimate relationship again. Take me as I am. I'm not a small person, sheesh. Yes, I am a full-figured woman--I've got junk in my trunk! I'm a woman in recovery (since 1996)--meaning free of substance abuse; that doesn't mean I'm no fun though, au contraire! I'm a seeker, a dreamer. I am a procrastinator. I mostly live my life working without a net, shall we say--I take my chances. I have this journal, maybe it has TMI. My favorite color is blue. :-)

I like to use ellipsis! I don't like to use the 'cut' tag or whatever the heck it is. Although sometimes I'll use it. You can just never tell with me.

Words to live by--
Choices are the hinges of destiny. ... Be yourself. ... Love yourself no matter what. ... Trust the magic inside of yourself. ... And follow your heart--dream big, have fun. And have at least one room in your house painted in a shade of your favorite color.

Yes darlings--fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy ride!